Been there, done that!

Sep. 30, 2020

Although the huge majority of phones don't support eSIMs, it's only a matter of time before they adopt electronic SIM cards. Essentially it will remove the physical SIM card.

The term "eSIM" simply means an embedded SIM card. There are no physical SIM cards involved. eSIM needs to be supported by the network or carrier and enabled by them and not all networks support eSIM as yet.

Phones that have both are using eSIM as a substitute for a second SIM. These still have space for a traditional micro SIM that you can use in the normal way. But you can add a second number or data contract via the eSIM.

The use of eSIM brings a number of advantages to device manufacturers and networks. But there are also some advantages for you, too. You can have plans from more than one network stored on your eSIM.

So you could use one number for business and another number for personal calls. Or have a data roaming SIM for use in another country. You could even have completely separate voice and data plans.

I tried Airalo

Airalo is the world’s first eSIM store for travelers to access over 190 eSIMs with local rates from around the world, all via eSIM compatible smartphone, tablet or PC. Airalo offers both the connectivity and freedom - you’ll never have to carry multiple SIM cards or change your number again, no matter where you are in the world.

We all have faced the painful situations of not finding Wi-Fi, losing the SIM card we have carefully taped to the back of the phone, and the horror of coming home to an unexpected roaming bill.

“We believe that in today’s modern world, connectivity and freedom should be accessible to all. Airalo is here to take away the pain and stress of researching and seeking out the best roaming deal. We’re here to let everyone stay connected globally, while keeping it simple and pain-free”, Airalo explains.

All you have to do is download the app from the Appstore or Google Play, select the eSIM options, which are from local to regional. Then follow the steps how to activate it on your phone. Before anything else, just check if your device is compatible.

The process was smooth and it worked fine during my recent visit in Turkey. The eSIM I got was from TurkCell.

Taking over

“Slowly but surely, eSIMs will take over. If your carrier supports it, and your phone supports it, then that may be all you need to start using the new technology today. To help bridge the gap, some phones with eSIMs still have traditional SIM card slots, but eventually, those trays could go away altogether,” writes Digital Trends.

Whether you’re traveling, switching carriers, or upgrading your phone, an eSIM sounds much easier to manage. And the technology is spreading faster than consumers can keep up, and soon it’ll be everywhere (if it’s not already in the device that’s in your hand).

Mar. 17, 2020

An analysis by m1nd-set, a research agency based in Switzerland says that Albania’s Tirana International Airport is one of the most affected in Europe due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Comparing international departures for March and April, 2020 with the same period last year, it estimates that there will be 132,000 passengers less flying from Tirana, a decline of 58.7%.

This is mainly due to the flight cancellations to and from Italy. They make up about 60% of Albania’s air traffic.

Mar. 16, 2020

Following the situation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) Austrian Airlines has announced that flights to and from Tirana will be suspended as of March 19, 2020 until further notice, the country’s international airport announced on its Facebook page.

Austrian Airlines also send an email to their passengers saying: “as new entry stops are imposed worldwide every day and the demand for air travel is rapidly declining, we have decided today to temporarily terminate flight operations from Wednesday night, March 18, 2020 until March 28, 2020.”

For the departures until March 28, 2020: Cancelled flights will be rebooked automatically. Passengers are urged to check the status of the rebooking under 'My bookings' on

For the departures from March 29 to April 30, 2020: For tickets with a departure date until 30 April, which were booked until 12 March, Austrian Airlines offers an extended goodwill arrangement: Tickets can be temporarily suspended. They must then be flown by December 31, 2020 at the latest, whereas the booked route may also be changed. The new travel date must be announced by June 1, 2020 at the latest. Passengers should contact the Service Center by telephone or via the contact form on the Austrian Airlines website

Tickets with a departure date up to April 30, which were purchased after March 12, can be rebooked to a new flight date free of charge until the end of the year. The destination cannot be changed.

Mar. 16, 2020

Albania announced on Monday that flights to and from the UK will be suspended starting March 16, 2020 at 23:59 hours.

The country’s PM, Edi Rama shared on his Facebook page the announcement from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, regarding the ban:

“In the framework of the measures of the Albanian government for preventing the spread of Covid-19, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy informs that starting on March 16, at 23:59 hours, all flights to and from the United Kingdom are banned,” the announcement reads.

Several days ago, Albania suspended all flights to Italy and Greece

Mar. 16, 2020

From March 13, 2020, all passengers travelling from Tirana International Airport to other destinations in the world- except Italy and Greece with suspended flights- on their way to the airport were required to have their tickets, printed or a photo of them, the authorities announced.

Regardless, as Top Channel TV reported on Sunday, the road towards the "Mother Teresa" Airport, the only operational airport in the country, was empty.

No cars were seen, as the ban on cars and fear of the coronavirus pandemic, are part of the daily life in major Albanian cities.

The government has appealed to the citizens to stay at home, as a measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19. All flights to and from Italy and Greece are suspended. Flights to and from other destinations weren't affected.